Simple and elegant solution ...

... to an old problem.

A picture of a Wunder Cover A photo of a man hole cover

WunderCovers® seamlessly blends any manhole, drain, or utility access cover into surrounding hardscape
or landscape, maintaining high-quality design aesthetics and functionality.

Made in USA

A photo of a paved footpath
A photo of a paved footpath
A photo of a WunderCover
A photo of a WunderGrate
Photo of a Bioretention and Vector Control WunderGrate infill

Wunder-Cover Varieties

Vault, manhole, utility and access covers and grates, tree rings, bio-retention and vector control grates and catch basin kits
  • Custom covers, built to order, low volume, any size or configuration
  • Hybrids - Disparate frame and tray heights, designs for poured materials, zero exterior flange versions for retrofits and lugless corner models for stamped and textured concrete or softscapes and bioretention drains, curbs and grates
  • Intellicovers - Intelligent security covers that notify/call designated parties when cover is removed or relay sensor readings
  • Bi/Functional Utility covers - Smaller access points built in for easy access for cables, controls or meters
  • Convertible - Removable street furniture and changing venue needs designs
  • Stealth drains - Drainage incorporate into paving stones
  • Watertight - with paver/tile facia
  • Stainless steel - Food handling or industrial applications
  • Trees grates - permitting pavers, concrete or hybrid covers to the base of the tree
  • Bioretention and vector control - Retrofitable catch basin debris filter kits with mosquito vector control
  • Versatile Media - Concrete, cobblestone, tile or cover media wherever a neat, professional finish is required
  • We are able to meet most requests and design needs; including locking, drainage, hinged, filtered venting and watertight options.
  • Strong - Standard H20 traffic rated.
  • Durable- Hot-dipped galvanized (standard) or stainless steel.
  • Easy to Install
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